the "grey area" of the recording world

Misconstrued images of nutty professors, and men in white coats. When we say the "M" word to bands and ask the what it is, most hazard a guess, but generally are unsure! In a nut shell, it's the last 10% of the recording process. And in that last 10%, this is where all the final polish takes place.

We take your Track or Tracks and "sonically" give them a "tweek" using some of the best digital and analogue equipment available. Once we are completely happy with the results, We then encode your CD with IRSC codes (this is a code you give to us if your music is going in the public domain, basically means you get automatic royalties! Please note ! these codes have to be obtained by you and are totally optional, if unsure please ask for details) we then create a Red Book standard CD (and optionally ,a DDP file for your duplicators) and send it back to you.. Ready for the big time.

At Radar Sound, we have extensive experience in Mastering so your music is in the right hands.

Types of Mastering

Online Mastering

Send us your music via the Radar Sounds upload form below. We will then go through the Mastering process and either send you a mastered cd with encoding through the post or send you the ddp file (for your cd manufacturer) and the wave files ,online .

Stem Mastering

We will require for this, individual stereo files of your track. Eg, drums, guitar, vox, bvs, bass,effects ect. if needed we can run it through our Tape Treatment, and give the track some body. Then we will polish and sum the mix to make a cohesive track.

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If you have any queries at all or would like a quote for a personalised service, please get in touch via the details provided and we will get back to you straight away.

phone: 07415 020759


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