Here at Radar Sound, we pride ourselves on being able to record a band LIVE! Being able to do this is to capture the true essence of the band and put a moment and vibe down for prosperity. Bands that use this way to record always talk about the Feel and the Groove we have been able to capture.

Now, we also know that "live Recording" isn't for everyone , so call us with your needs and we will direct you to the most effective way to record for your project/Band.



With this process we Mic you up and hit Record! (well, theres a little bit more to it than that!) we will capture that live energy of your band that can only really be attained by playing at the same time. Then overdub as needed ,mix it all up and give you the results.


We use the Tape machine as the Front End of the recording, essentially you will be recorded on tape and then end up on our * IZ RADAR system, where our editing and mixing capabilities are enhanced. In this way, we can track instruments individually, and keep that tape "Brown Sound" in the Digital domain!


This is where you go straight to digital. Some prefer this method due to the speed and ease of use. Be assured, our digital system is proven among producers and engineers, and is the nearest thing to tape as you can get! You wont be disappointed.

So, there you go. Three ways to capture your music. We can also tailor your needs, abit of SYSTEM 1, or mainly SYSTEM 3, whatever your music needs, we will get the best out of you.

*IZ RADAR DIGITAL RECORDING SYSTEM This is beyond doubt , the best digital system money can buy. Aimed solely at the professional market ( around £16k for a basic system) , it was designed around Sonics, ie how good it sounded, and not mathematical theorem. So , rest assured , your music will be recorded on the greatest digital system around! but dont just take our word for it take a look at this shootout from MPG between Radar,Protools,Nuendo and tape at one of the best studios in the country with some of the greatest ears in the business, HERE.


If you have any queries at all or would like a quote for a personalised service, please get in touch via the details provided and we will get back to you straight away.

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