the process

1. Prepare your individual tracks/stems or stereo mix for upload to our servers. If your not sure how to do this see here for preparation tips.

2. All prepared? good, now pressing the upload button below will take you to an upload page (2gb limit), send your music to us making sure to fill out all details (our email is already filled in).

3. We will now import into our DAW and run the track/s from our IZ RADAR D/A into the 2" Otari tape machine (or the Studer 1/2" two track for stereo stems or mixes) using either NOS ampex 456 (more saturated flavour) or 499 ( clean) at either 15 ips or 30 ips (whatever the music asks for), then back into the Daw, making sure the tracks you receive line up exactly to the files you gave us (which allows you to drop the files straight back into your project with absolutely no worries about aligning).

4. We send you an email informing you that your tracks are ready for download along with payment details.

5. You pay for the service.

6. We then send you full instructions to download the full tracks.

7. You then wring your fists at the digital world , lift aloft your analog Sword and scream "I HAVE THE POWER"(optional).

8. Then you try to stop yourself from going through your older material and sending that to us.(optional but irresistable).

* not available for multitrack.

audio examples

(if you cant see the examples try using another browser e.g. Firefox)

original digital multitrack

OTM transfer 0 gain onto tape

OTM transfer +5 gain onto tape

OTM transfer +10 gain onto tape

upload link


If you have any queries at all or would like a quote for a personalised service, please get in touch via the email addrerss provided and we will get back to you straight away.

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